Economic Datacenter

Have your own Empresarial Datacenter

What would happen if one of your servers failed today due to a hardware or software problem? How much would it affect you? How long would it take you to reactivate the operation of your systems? Could you retrieve your information?

Every company wishes that before the failure of a server there are no greater delays in reactivating all the operability of the company especially knowing that the information is required at every moment of the day, to achieve this the base technology is called “virtualization” this allows everything The management of a Datacenter, reduces costs and times due to hardware or software failures, through this technology, it consolidates its infrastructure and maximizes the use of its resources:

This makes it easy for you to restore a server to a previous state of operation but above all you can make redundant copies on another server and be able to return to a functional state in the shortest time possible despite a catastrophic failure on the server or servers. To achieve this requires at least 2 Processing Servers and a SAN (storage unit), it is additionally recommended to have a SAN for historical Backups of all information:

Example stage:

  • 2 R60X or R90X Series DELL servers with total processing capacity of 32Ghz and 96GB of RAM
  • 1 SAN with 1.8TB of main data (SAS 15K DISCS)
  • 1 SAN with 16TB of data for Backup (SATA DISCS)

This infrastructure will allow them to create 8-12 virtual servers with multiple redundancies and load balancing (to improve service and application speeds), as well as full and differential backups of days, weeks and months. It will be able to run servers with services of Databases, Applications, Web, Mail, Firewall, Antivirus, Communications, Terminals, Address Service and TCP / IP among others.

We have an economic option for your need with remanufactured DELL equipment with 3 year warranty, our costs are far lower than other suppliers of these solutions, companies such as Eterna, Enercom, Sula Industries, Alza, Guzman Agency, Consolidated Shipments, Llantilandia, etc. Can testify to the efficiency and costs of these projects.