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Kerio Email

It is a quality business software that allows you to manage your mail service, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Chat and much more efficiently, simply,  economically and safe.

About Us

At Tecno Works LLC we understand that computing is vital for your business, and that having the advice and technical support when you need it is fundamental for the smooth operation of your business activities, that’s why we are committed to providing you with fast, best and economics solutions.

Data Centers

What would happen if one of your servers failed today due to a hardware or software problem? How much would it affect you? How long would it take you to reactivate the operation of your systems? Could you retrieve your information?


We take charge of making apps, that are made with the reason of helping you and making an easier way of doing things. In Tecno Works-LLC we focus in helping others in a fast and easy way, because we love passion, quality and technology


We are partner of Malwarebytes and Kerio, the bests corporative solutions for fighting the growing wave of attacks randsonware, hacker attacks, as well as exploit, everything integrated in one solution that can administer itself.